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Sub Sale Fundraiser 101

Ok. So you’re here because you want to have a fundraiser for your non-profit, organization, school, team or good cause. The most important questions you need to ask is “What are we going to sell or offer that people will want to buy? (pause while you are thinking) What does everyone want or need? Hmmm… ummm… Food!”

You’re Right! Food sales are always a big hit. “But why Sub Sales you ask?”

Really, who doesn’t enjoy a delicious sub? Your Sub Sale Fundraiser market includes people of all ages. Subs can also be enjoyed for lunch or dinner so you hit the two main dining times of your customers. Most people in the workplace go out to eat on a regular basis (mainly because they are to lazy to make their own lunch) – that is where your sub sale comes into play. With subs you can supply the workforce that normally leaves the office to get food and the people who bring their lunch to work.

Subs are also easy to take anywhere and do not need to be baked or heated prior to eating. Your customers will tell you all types of occasions where they have enjoyed Top Shelf Foods subs and sandwiches. Sporting events, trips, picnics, ‘The Big Game”, work, family reunions… you name it, our subs have been enjoyed at all types of events.

Now that you know you’ve made a good decision, onto the steps on how to run your successful sub sale:

  1. Choose the reason for your fundraiser. (The more philanthropic the better. People like to feel like they are giving to a worthy cause or helping someone.)
  2. Set a realistic goal of how much money you want to raise.
  3. Get your fundraiser sub sale prices here from Top Shelf Foods.
  4. Now with the cost per sub you can set your profit margin
  5. Based on the profit per sub you can determine how many subs you need to sell.
  6. Download the sub fundraiser order forms here.
  7. Start selling. (Cash up front or upon delivery is up to you and your organization) Just make sure you mark down who has and who has not paid
  8. Place your final order by mailing or faxing us your orders
  9. We’ll deliver your fundraiser subs to your organization. (Delivery is free within a 15 mile radius of Top Shelf Foods)
  10. You make deliveries to all of your hungry customers
  11. Count up your fundraising total and share with your group. You can all be proud of the hard work you put in and the money you raised.
  12. We do suggest running a repeat sub sale fundraiser two to three weeks afterwards. You will find that you get a lot of repeat buyers. You will also gain the customers who wished they had ordered from you the first time.

If you need any more info or if we can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to call or email us.
Good luck with your upcoming Sub Sale and Fundraiser!!

Don’t forget to tell us your success stories.
We may even feature your story and experience on our website. A little extra exposure for your cause never hurts.

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