How to get your kids’ team uniforms for free!

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You’re going to kick yourself (pun intended) for not thinking of this sooner.

Every year your kids register to play their favorite sports. Then you get the Team’s name, the coach’s info, the schedule and of course the bill for the team uniforms, gear, snacks, dues and end of season party – “Ouch!”

This year don’t pay for any of that.

“How Do I Do That?” you ask.

It’s simple…

  1. First talk to the parent who majored in finance (ha ha) and have them figure out the operational costs of your kids’ team for the season.
  2. Get your fundraiser sub prices here from Top Shelf Foods.
  3. Decide on a realistic number of subs each player needs to sell.
  4. Based on that number you can set the sub price (what you pay per sub + your profit margin per sub).
  5. Download the sub fundraiser order forms here.
  6. Last but not least… unleash your sub selling minions upon the neighborhood.

With a little hard work and determination – your team uniforms could be FREE!
Not only is there the obvious financial benefits of free uniforms, but it is also a great way to teach kids about earning money, interacting with people and setting goals… not just scoring them.

We hope your next Top Shelf Sub Fundraiser is a huge success!

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