Daycare Directors/Owners,

Top Shelf Foods is Central Pennsylvania’s premier food service provider and has been working with local companies for over ten years. We provide a variety of healthy meals to daycare centers in and around the Harrisburg and Central PA area.

What You Can Expect

  • Daycare food service meals are delivered at 42 degrees and will be transferred to a warming or refrigeration devise upon your request (depending on the time of your lunch).
  • Meals are delivered with milk/juice in the morning and will include instructions for heating and proper serving proportions marked on each container.
  • All meals are made in compliance with the CCAFB program and serving proportions are sized according to the appropriate age.
  • Our service is best suited for daycare centers that have the ability to heat food within their facility.

Daycare Center Fundraisers

Top Shelf is also here to help your daycare facility with fundraising opportunities. Our sub sale fundraisers can help offset the costs of day to day company expenses. Give us a call or email us to discuss this great option.

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